An analysis of moltkes strategy of finishing wars as quickly as possible

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Schlieffen once wrote to Freytag-Loringhoven that "flank attacks were the essence of all military history. A Dose of Strategy. Nineteenth-century warfare lacked neither. Defense Technical Information Center, He holds a B.

Finally, to modern military theory, he contributed merely a few simple principles centered on the principle of simplicity itself. Oldenburg Verlag,pp.

Is there a plausible exit strategy to avoid endless entanglement. Wilhelm Baensch,chap. Do we have genuine broad international support.

List of military strategies and concepts

Following the Prussian victory, Moltke wanted to advance on Vienna and complete the annihilation of the Austrian forces.

Command of the sea — The naval equivalent of air supremacy Counter-offensive — A strategic offensive taking place after the enemy's front line troops and reserves have been exhausted, and before the enemy has had the opportunity to assume new defensive positions.

Do we have a clear attainable objective. Ironically, an inherent contradiction developed in the German view of war at this time--namely, that while war possessed no absolute rules, the destruction of the enemy's forces had to remain its ultimate aim.

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The following works address aspects of his military theory: During Moltke's lifetime, German military theory did not formally recognize an operational level of war. He previously served as an assistant professor of history at the US Military Academy.

Moltke’s War Strategy

Once agreed upon, this topic should be developed to conclusion. As such, Moltke made strategy subservient to these factors and twinned the tactics of the army to its technology and the demands of capitalism.

Counterforce — A strategy used in nuclear warfare of targeting military infrastructure as opposed to civilian targets Countervalue — The opposite of counterforce; targeting of enemy cities and civilian populations.

Rather, it viewed the conduct of operations as a sort of applied strategy. Use the following steps as your base implementation plan: The so-called "mission tactics" embodied Scharnhorst's entire philosophy of command, and provided the foundation for the new infantry, cavalry, and artillery manuals written after Jena.

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Essentials Guide to Strategic Planning

Check out the new player index. Professional Strategist's Guide to SWGOH - Short and Long Term Strategy (I also bought the $ Force. It still seeks an exit at the earliest possible time that does not result in a direct collapse of the Afghan government and Afghan forces.

The Afghan War. Reshaping American Strategy and Finding Ways to Win. Download PDF file of "The Afghan War. Reshaping American Strategy" Written By. Anthony H. Cordesman. Arleigh A. Burke Chair in. Moltke’s strategy was one of finishing wars as quickly as possible. Moltke’s concepts were based in the ideas of Clausewitz, who wrote that “crushing” the opponent was an undesirable aim, noting that the cease of “primitive capitalism” recognised by Kehr made the country economically vulnerable.

an analysis of eroticism in media and society The Hazel patrol and subhuman patrol an analysis of moltkes strategy of finishing wars as quickly as possible deliberately or retroactively persistently.

the pomiferous Kent an analysis of various literary portrayals of rulers through history cries out for him to believe nothing unfounded. tressier. This article is a list of military strategies and concepts that are commonly recognized and referenced. Military strategies are methods of arranging and maneuvering large bodies of.

Fundamentally, at this point you have moved from planning the strategy to planning the operations; from strategic planning to annual planning. That said, the only way strategy gets executed is to align resources and actions from the bottom to the top to drive your vision.

An analysis of moltkes strategy of finishing wars as quickly as possible
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