Goodfellas analysis

The opening shot is a tracking shot, which then pans left and comes along side the car, this shows us the car that we are about to go inside and it gives the Goodfellas analysis the impression that we are following the car, so we know that the people inside are going to be the people that we follow throughout the film.

The car is a Pontiac which is a very American car, you would not find one of them in Britain, and this is the first piece of iconography that shows us we are watching an America gangster film.

Goodfellas: Analysis of the Movie

Our society here in Britain is very similar to the society of America, and we often here about America in Goodfellas analysis media. A short guide to writing about film. When watching films you tend to see that if there is something against the law occurring, it is being filmed at night.

I have taken a great interest in this character, Henry and after watching this, I am now considering watching the whole film. The mise-en-scene of the scene enforces our image of the gangsters. However the volume of the music soon decreases as the first few lines of dialogue are spoken.

The generic expectations are fulfilled bat the end of the opening sequence when we see a body in the boot covered in blood, and one the characters starts hacking at him with a knife.


Scorsese argued that that was the point of the scene. The narrative is structured so that it does not run in linear sequence, at the start of the film we are already halfway through the story, when then flashback to the beginning of the story.

Why is being treated like a King at this club. The director uses the rule of thirds to show that all the people within Goodfellas analysis car are important, but we get the impression that the driver is the main character as the camera is concentrating on him, and the other two characters are slightly out of focus.

Another shot when Karen holds the gun and looks at it from above MS: After that shot we see a black screen with the words New York, written on it, this tells us for certain that we are watching an American gangster film. In this paper, several cinematographic aspects like movie shots, optics, moves, compositions, and long takes in Goodfellas will be evaluated.

Not only are these people queuing annoyed but slightly questioning to why this mysterious character has such privilege over them. Gangster films are typically a male film; they just tend to find all the violence, swearing and drug abuse more entertaining than women do.

However the volume of the dialogue has been increased at this moment, so it is not drowned out by all the diegitic sounds. The main character, Henry Hill joins the woman his date and the camera starts to track them from behind. It also is very effective at showing how this club is the club to go in town with the use of the non-diegitic music and the mis-en scene.

The opening sequence does conform to the characteristics of the genre, the people are all dressed smartly, they are violent, and they use foul language; all of these things are what you would expect in a gangster film.

And finally, the shot with the two dead bodies in the pink car LS: I used her life with her parents as an emotional guideline for the role". Scorsese had humanized violent men before, exploring their guilt, temptations, and petty redemptions.

'Goodfellas' analysis ‘Goodfellas’, Martin Scorsese, ‘Goodfellas’ belongs to the gangster genre. It is an American gangster film; we know this because of the iconography that is in the opening sequence. The first thing that we see after the credits is a car.

The car is a Pontiac which is a very American car, you would not find one. Get all the details on Goodfellas: Analysis. Description, analysis, and more, so you can understand the ins and outs of Goodfellas.


Critical analysis of American crime film ‘Goodfellas’. Focusing on the attitudes towards criminality and law suggested in this film. American cinema seems to have always had a preoccupation with crime and criminals, which is a testament not just to the proliferation of. Sep 02,  · "GoodFellas," scheduled to open Sept.

21 in Chicago, is a memoir of life in the Mafia, narrated in the first person by Henry Hill, an Irish-Italian kid whose only ambition, from his earliest teens, was to be a "wise guy," a Mafioso.4/4. Goodfellas (stylized as GoodFellas) is a American crime film directed by Martin Scorsese.

It is an adaptation of the non-fiction book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi, who co-wrote the screenplay with Scorsese. Goodfellas study guide contains a biography of Martin Scorsese, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Goodfellas analysis
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