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As network officials watch Ricky sing "Babalu," Lucy meanders onstage as "The Professor," wearing a broken-down tuxedo and carrying a "loaded" cello, looking for "Risky Riskadoo.

The word is half Latin and half Greek. The coast clear, Fred and Ethel arrive with a Christmas tree. Aside from its comedic value, the show made strides in the fifties that made possible I love lucy we see in television today: By entering the public sphere she inevitably makes a spectacular mess of things and is almost inevitably forced to retreat, to return to the status quo of domestic life that will begin the next episode.

Afterwards the film was edited so that the best shots from each camera could be used to splice together a master for the final telecast. For personal reasons Ball and Arnaz wanted to stay in Hollywood, but they also wanted to take advantage of movie industry production facilities and to ensure the long-term value of their series by capturing it on film.

The Red Scare, despite the pain and trauma it incurred on so many, had little effect on the ratings of I Love Lucy.

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Most sponsors, including Philip Morris, found this to be undesirable as most of the television audience lived east of the Mississippi at the time.

However, for the season, Little Ricky suddenly aged by two years, becoming a young school-age boy from to Ball was also a believer in the Hollywood adage at the time that there should be only one pretty woman on the set and Ball, being the star of the show, was it.

Complicating matters was that I love lucy were not available for immediate re-broadcast as in no coast-to-coast cable system was yet in service. After they were cast, it was discovered that both had musical and dancing talent from vaudeville, which opened doors in script-writing to incorporate these talents.

Vance and Frawley's off-screen relationship was less successful. The first episode to air, preceded by the first of many Philip Morris cigarette commercials, was titled "The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub: Vance also felt that the Mertz characters would not be as successful without the Ricardos to play off of, and despite being her biggest success, she was becoming interested in playing more glamorous roles rather than Ethel.

The company was named Desilufrom the combination of both their first names "Desi" and "Lucille". The sale was achieved by the duo selling their ownership of the once-thought-worthless I Love Lucy films back to CBS for over four million dollars. Ball, however, had many misgivings about hiring Vance, who was younger and far more attractive than the concept of Ethel as an older, somewhat homely woman.

Ricky subsequently calls the police, then rushes down to the restaurant himself only to find Lucy and Ethel unharmed. Five actors played the role, two sets of twins and later Keith Thibodeaux, whose stage name when playing Ricky Ricardo Jr. At the time, most television shows were produced from New York with live broadcasts of the show airing for eastern and Midwest audiences.

But Gordon, who had a steady gig at the time on the Our Miss Brooks radio program, asked for more money than Desilu had to offer.

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Ricky, her husband, would often discover -- and thwart -- her numerous schemes, and the best friends, Fred and Ethel Mertz, somehow managed to get involved as well. Frawley and Vance would have an adversarial relationship during the entire run of the show. Vivian Vance became a consideration on the recommendation of Lucy director Marc Daniels.

For television viewers of the fifties, Lucy and Ricky could have been familiar neighbors from down the street. It was truly an achievement for television production quality, setting a new standard.

Despite steadily working in pictures, Lucy's movie career never advanced to the level of a headlining feature-film actress; nevertheless she remained popular with movie audiences.

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But multi-cameras had never been used on a situation comedy before, and there were many obstacles involved, not the least of which was accommodating a live studio audience Desi knew that Lucille worked best when she got immediate audience feedback.

But Arnaz no stranger to the bottle himself thought that I love lucy was just curmudgeonly enough to bring Fred Mertz to life. The I Love Lucy show continued the ever-popular and age-old "battle between the sexes" scenarios.

Even co-workers like Keith Thibodeaux Little Ricky, a. He and Lucille would take a large cut in their salaries and their company, Desilu Productions, would retain ownership of the films in exchange. There was, however, one small problem: Lucy wants to travel to Scotland to meet her distant McGillicuddy relative.

After Ricky sings a chorus of "Guadalajara," some funny hillbilly schtick unfolds, until Lucy "gives herself away" by reaching for some cigarettes hidden in a desk drawer.

Lots of special features, including a behind-the-scenes peek and bloopers. Marc, 28 This technique would be used in classic sitcoms to come: The sixth and final season found the Ricardos climbing the social ladder as the series shifted toward family issues.

Oppenheimer served as the series producer, while Pugh and Carroll were the writers. Plans for a memorial garden have been expanded to help charities supporting bereaved parents.

Because I Love Lucy was produced on film, the issue of rerunning the show was an uncomplicated task. All that needed to be obtained was legal clearance, provided by a letter signed by the producers (Desi Arnaz and Jess Oppenheimer), the writers and Lucille, which granted permission for CBS to rebroadcast.

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Lucille Ball classic comedy TV Show, I Love Lucy. Debuting in OctoberI Love Lucy continues to be enormously popular worldwide today.

The Best of I Love Lucy (Volume 4) contains many classic episodes from the fifth season of I Love Lucy.

Lucy and Ethel get into hot water after they steal John Wayne's footprints from the famed Grauman's Chinese Theatre in 'Lucy and John Wayne'.

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