Seven pounds summary

Ben is deeply disturbed, perhaps even clinically insane, but Seven Pounds chooses to present him as a man on a Seven pounds summary. Tim, in a car accident leaves 7 people dead, one of them his fiance.

Tim did this whole phone call because he knew now that his eyes would be going to the most genuine person and not a random person. At least that's what he thinks. Which the later was more important to Tim because he felt his death was more important than Seven pounds summary living.

He moves on to other clients, but his thoughts keep returning to Emily. Smith acknowledged Seven Pounds as a drama film, but he saw it as more of a love story. He slips into her hospital room at night and gazes at her. The sole survivor of a fatal car crash that killed his fiancee and six others, moody IRS auditor Ben Thomas Will Smith is wholly focused on finding "good people" to help in extremely personal, unbelievably generous ways -- like forgiving a beautiful-but-sick woman's Rosario Dawson back-taxes or giving an abused single mother his luxury beach house.

The manager acts kind and tells him how his bone marrow treatment is going, but by the time Tim leaves he realizes the manager is treating people wrong so Tim acts like the IRS will come after the manager. Ben angrily demands Stewart show his patients better respect, and ultimately denies his request there and then for an extension.

Ben has a list of seven people he is apparently auditing. It's not that the cast doesn't act well, because Smith, Dawson, Woody Harrelson a blind man Ben takes an interest inMichael Ealy Ben's brotherand Barry Pepper Ben's best friend are all talented performers.

Ezra remains calm, humble, and teary-eyed, and later after observing him in a restaurant, Tim decides he is worthy.

What does 7 pounds mean in the movie with Will Smith?

Two weeks before he dies, he contacts Holly and asks if she knows anyone "in the system" who needs and deserves help but is too proud to ask for it. Wielenberg also says external meaning is if your life brings goodness into the world then its external.

Another main point made was that Tim picked all these people out to receive his organs based on the fact the human race was going to continue and the people he would give life to would continue. On his way out Ben talks to Inez, an elderly resident whom Stewart was attempting to talk to earlier but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Are some sins so grave that they can never be expunged. You have to retrain yourself. It agrees because him dying to donate organs is intrinsically good. Gabriele Muccino, the Italian film-maker who directed Smith in the family drama The Pursuit of Happynessis now at the helm of a movie intended to be both puzzle and emotional journey - halfway between what Variety magazine calls a head-scratcher and a tear-jerker.

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Two weeks before he dies, he contacts Holly and asks if she knows anyone "in the system" who needs and deserves help but is too proud to ask for it. Ben asks Emily why she would choose such a large animal, to which Emily responds that the average life span of a Great Dane is seven years, and that they commonly suffer from heart problems.

That really fascinates me. Tim is unsure of the man's ethics, because he drives a BMW yet claims to be insolvent. In each case he "interviews" them first to determine if they are "good" people.

Seven Pounds

The primary goal of Seven Pounds is to make viewers weep, and it pursues that aim with a doggedness that is almost commendable. The film manipulates shamelessly and, despite defying logic with its contrivances and unconvincing character portrayals, will succeed in getting many audience members to the point where tears are inevitable.

Seven pounds summary

"Seven Pounds" is not so much bad as under-developed. There is interesting subject matter, but first-time screenwriter Grant Nieporte appears not to have had any idea how to explore the ideas and 26%. The emotional story of a man who will change the lives of seven strangers.

Dec 19,  · A man with a fateful secret embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.

IMDb. Movies, TV & Showtimes. Blade Runner Seven Pounds () / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Use the HTML below. Plot Summary | Plot Synopsis/10(K). Dec 17,  · I am fascinated by films that observe a character who is behaving precisely, with no apparent motivation. A good actor brings such a role into focus, as Will Smith does in the enigmatically titled "Seven Pounds." Who is he, what does he want, why is he behaving so oddly for an IRS agent?

And why won't he kiss Rosario Dawson, 3/5. Seven Pounds - Movie Synopsis & Plot Academy Award nominee Will Smith stars in the drama "Seven Pounds," re-teaming with the director and producers of "The Pursuit of Happyness" for the emotional story of a man who will change the lives of seven strangers.

Seven pounds summary Seven pounds summary
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